Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus 2023

The Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus for 2023 is a crucial component that aspiring candidates need to familiarize themselves with. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the syllabus structure, highlight important subjects, and offer effective preparation strategies. Whether you are a fresh candidate or someone seeking to enhance their knowledge, this article will provide you with valuable information to excel in the Indian Army recruitment process.

Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus 2023- Overview

Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus 2023- Overview
BoardIndian Army
RecruitmentIndian Army Recruitment 2023
Mode of ExamOnline
Marking Scheme2 mark
Negative Marking0.5 marks
Selection ProcessOnline Common Entrance TestPhysical Fitness TestMedical Test
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Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus 2023: A Closer Look

The Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus 2023 is designed to assess candidates on various dimensions, including their physical fitness, general knowledge, aptitude, and technical skills. Let’s delve into the specific sections and subjects that comprise this syllabus.

Indian Army CCE Exam Pattern (Technical)

Passing Marks- 80

Marking Scheme- 4 mark for each correct answer

Negative Marking of 1 mark for each incorrect answer

Indian Army CCE Exam Pattern (Technical)
SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMax. Marks
General Knowledge1040

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness plays a vital role in the Indian Army selection process. Candidates must possess the necessary stamina, strength, and agility to undertake demanding tasks. The physical fitness section of the Agniveer Syllabus includes:

  1. Running: Candidates are required to complete a specified distance within a given time frame.
  2. Push-ups: The number of push-ups performed within a stipulated time period is evaluated.
  3. Sit-ups: Candidates’ abdominal strength is tested by measuring the number of sit-ups completed within a specific time frame.
  4. Chin-ups: The upper body strength of candidates is assessed through the number of chin-ups executed.
  5. Balance and Coordination: This section evaluates candidates’ ability to maintain balance and coordination while performing various physical tasks.

Indian Army CCE Exam Pattern (General Duty)

Passing Marks- 35

Marking Scheme- 2 mark for each correct answer

Negative Marking of 0.5 marks for each incorrect answer

Indian Army CCE Exam Pattern (General Duty)
SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMax. Marks
General Knowledge1530
General Science1530
Logical Reasoning0510

General Knowledge

A strong foundation in general knowledge is essential for candidates aspiring to join the Indian Army. The Agniveer Syllabus for 2023 includes the following topics in the general knowledge section:

  1. Current Affairs: Stay updated with the latest news, national and international events, and important developments across various fields.
  2. History: Gain knowledge about India’s rich historical background, including significant events, freedom fighters, and important dates.
  3. Geography: Familiarize yourself with India’s physical and political geography, major rivers, mountain ranges, states, and union territories.
  4. Science: Have a basic understanding of scientific principles, inventions, discoveries, and important scientific phenomena.
  5. Sports: Stay informed about major sports events, players, and achievements at national and international levels.


Aptitude tests aim to assess candidates’ numerical, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. The Agniveer Syllabus for 2023 includes the following subjects in the aptitude section:

  1. Mathematics: Focus on topics such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and data interpretation.
  2. Logical Reasoning: Enhance your analytical skills by practicing topics like puzzles, coding-decoding, syllogism, and series completion.
  3. Verbal Reasoning: Develop your verbal aptitude by working on topics like analogies, verbal classifications, and logical deductions.

Technical Skills

Candidates applying for technical positions within the Indian Army need to showcase their proficiency in relevant subjects. The Agniveer Syllabus for 2023 encompasses the following technical skill sections:

  1. Electronics: This section evaluates candidates’ knowledge of electronic components, circuits, basic electronics principles, and applications.
  2. Mechanical Engineering: Focus on topics like thermodynamics, mechanics, manufacturing processes, and basic mechanical principles.
  3. Computer Science: Familiarize yourself with computer hardware, software, programming languages, data structures, and computer networks.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the significance of the Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus 2023? The Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus 2023 serves as a roadmap for candidates preparing for the recruitment process. It outlines the specific subjects and skills that candidates need to focus on, enabling them to prepare effectively and increase their chances of success.

2. How can I prepare for the physical fitness section of the syllabus? To excel in the physical fitness section, regular exercise, including running, strength training, and endurance-building activities, is crucial. Setting realistic goals and gradually increasing intensity will help candidates improve their performance.

3. How should I approach the general knowledge section of the syllabus? To excel in the general knowledge section, candidates should develop a habit of reading newspapers, magazines, and online resources regularly. Creating a study plan, making concise notes, and revising frequently can enhance knowledge retention.

4. What are some effective strategies for excelling in the aptitude section? Candidates can enhance their aptitude skills by practicing a wide range of questions from relevant topics. Utilizing online resources, solving previous year question papers, and participating in mock tests can significantly improve performance.

5. Are there any recommended resources for technical skill preparation? Candidates can refer to standard textbooks, online tutorials, and educational websites that cover the specific technical subjects mentioned in the syllabus. Additionally, solving sample papers and joining coaching programs specializing in technical subjects can be beneficial.

6. How important is time management during the preparation phase? Time management plays a crucial role in ensuring effective preparation. Candidates should allocate dedicated time slots for each section of the syllabus, set realistic goals, and maintain a consistent study schedule.

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